How to comp chords – comping chords

I got this question from a student: “I am struggling to comp rhythmically & unpredictably while improvising or playing from a lead sheet. I can comp chords in my left hand to a pattern (i.e., 4 to the floor or on the 1 & 3, etc) but I struggle to mix up the comping especially

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Blues Notes (Crushing, Sliding, Riffs)

Blues notes are alterations of the chord that are a “carry over” from guitar players. Years ago when the blues style was first being formed, guitar players would ‘bend’ notes on the guitar. This created a very soulful technique because the pitch would move up or down a half step or more. However, it is

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JPC glossary / key

  • RH – right hand
  • LH – left hand
  • HT – hands together
  • CM – contrary motion (to move in opposite directions)
  • Harmonically – to play as chords (all notes together at once)
  • Melodically – to play as a melody (single note) – arpeggiate
  • R7, R3, R37 – chord shells (Root-7th, Root-3rd, Root-3rd-7th respectively)
  • bpm – beats per minute. Refers to the metronome setting