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Working with a Bass Player
Workshop Download

This special workshop will show you how to work with a bass player. Together, we show you the techniques you need to know in order to most effectively work with a bass player in a both a live and rehearsal situation.

You’ll see Bryan and I pick tunes, talk through arrangements, solo and discuss how to interact in a duo performance. You’ll get to see in real-time how we tackle issues you might find when working with other musicians.


Bonus - Free 2-5-1 Licks

Twelve Jazz Exercises
Sheet Music

These twelve exercises will help you increase your fluidity and speed at the piano while also learning some cool 2-5-1 licks.

You can use these exercises in your improvisation or as fills in your arrangements.

The detailed sheet music makes it easier to see exactly what you need to play when you practice.

JPC glossary / key

  • RH – right hand
  • LH – left hand
  • HT – hands together
  • CM – contrary motion (to move in opposite directions)
  • Harmonically – to play as chords (all notes together at once)
  • Melodically – to play as a melody (single note) – arpeggiate
  • R7, R3, R37 – chord shells (Root-7th, Root-3rd, Root-3rd-7th respectively)
  • bpm – beats per minute. Refers to the metronome setting