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When looking to learn an instrument online, you want to know that the program you are studying has a proven track record. With over 20 years experience teaching students online, Jazzedge was one of the first in the online education space online and we continue to grow!

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The MyJazzedge forums are a great way to interact with other musicians and ask questions.


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MyJazzedge is an easy way to access and manage all of your Jazzedge memberships.

A Team of Teachers Help You Succeed:

Willie Myette
Willie Myette
Paul Buono
Paul Buono
Anna Rizzo
Anna Rizzo
Mike Marble
Mike Marble

With decades of proven experience, our teachers will show you how to unlock your musical greatness.

Learning an instrument can be difficult without the right teacher. At Jazzedge you get access to over 100 years of combined experience in piano, organ, keyboards, voice, rhythm and theory.

What Our Students Say…

Lulu Yang

“I never knew about rootless chords until I learned it from The Confident Improviser™”

Bill Weathers

“I dreamt for years of learning how to improvise. I tried various methods but could not do it until I became a student of Willie’s”

Lonnie Mosley

“My husband is an incredible singer and now I can accompany him while he sings. I am so grateful to you!”


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