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Our main site with access to over 850+ hours of detailed lessons in every style. Beginners welcome, but this site is best for those with at least 6 months of experience at the piano. Nowhere online will you find this quality of detailed lessons.

The “Total Musician” is one who knows theory, learns from other styles and instruments and seeks to develop all aspects of their playing to become the best they can possibly be. This site is for players with at least a year of playing experience.

HomeSchoolPiano is the perfect site for beginners to the piano. With 3 levels of step-by-step lessons, students will learn how to read music, develop their ear, improvise and even compose their own music.

With 365 bite-sized jazz piano lessons, Jazz Piano Daily is the perfect match for students who already have some playing experience and are looking for new material to practice each day to expand their skills.

Jazz Piano Lessons is a smaller set of Jazzedge lessons. This means the lessons at JPL are also found at Jazzedge. This is the only site that shares lessons. JPL was created to give students a structured way to learn all the jazz piano basics.

Learn how to play and create your own jazz piano Christmas arrangements. With new material added each year, you’ll have a steady stream of new Christmas material that will turn heads when you sit down to play!

With a focus on blues piano and improvisation, Summer Piano Jam teaches students about blues improvisation, form, chords, progressions, riffs, licks and more. If you’re interested in learning the blues, Summer Piano Jam is a great place for you.

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For now you can order Summer Piano Jam at and Jazz Christmas Music at

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I want you to be 100% happy with your membership. This means I stand by my service 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no ifs, no ands, no butts. If you have a problem, I will solve it for you. Whatever it takes, I’m here to help you succeed. And if I can’t fix it, simply contact me at any time within the first 30-days and I’ll refund 100% of what you paid.

JPC glossary / key

  • RH – right hand
  • LH – left hand
  • HT – hands together
  • CM – contrary motion (to move in opposite directions)
  • Harmonically – to play as chords (all notes together at once)
  • Melodically – to play as a melody (single note) – arpeggiate
  • R7, R3, R37 – chord shells (Root-7th, Root-3rd, Root-3rd-7th respectively)
  • bpm – beats per minute. Refers to the metronome setting